Friday, November 23, 2012

Rediscover Town Square Event & Halloween

We had a blast this year at the Rediscover Town Square Event here in Golden Valley, where all the local businesses came together to show off all the new things that are happening here.  It was the great unveiling of our new remodel, and we are so proud of the results.  We also had our Halloween merchandise out for perusal, with tons of fun gifts and decorations to get everyone in the spooky spirit.  This hanging ghost is truly gigantic, at over 18' long!

These awesome intergeneric orchids have the most unique-looking flowers you won't find at the grocery store.  This photo also shows our new ceiling!

These were for a masculine birthday present, full of great fall colors.

A view of the Halloween display, on the wall where the cards used to be!

Orchid stems provide the focal point for this fun bubble bowl arrangement also featuring white stock, hydrangea, and white peonies.

Need a few good boutonnieres?  Here's 45 carnation boutonnieres for an order of 90 for a Confirmation ceremony.

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