Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Update

Summer has been flying by and although its usually our slow season, we've been kept very busy indeed by a spate of weddings, events, and the gearing up for a big remodel of the shop.  Here's a few shots of just a slice of what we've been up to!

We have standing orders with a number of businesses and organizations around Golden Valley in which we provide weekly or bi-weekly flower arrangements to liven up interiors.  This one went to Golden Valley Library last week.  In a unique L-shaped vase, we put hydrangea, pink spray roses, yellow mini daisies and a deep pink gerbera daisy, framed by that great eucalyptus.  I wonder if anyone got any reading done with such beautiful flowers to distract them!

Another standing order, This fun little tropical design features pink lily lavender and hot pink stock, yellow yarrow (that's fun to say) with a big monstera leaf.  Garnish with a bit of Italian ruscus and red dogwood and you've got a funky tropical treat for the luau!

We love to interpret people's creative gift ideas or any crazy idea our customers might have with flowers.  This one was a rather sweet idea involving Reese's Pieces and a colorful gift bouquet.  The result is a splendid treat for the eyes along with a nice treat for the tastebuds, adding some elegance you probably won't find in the fruit-on-a-stick Edible Arrangements.

One of our clients needed something for the grand opening of a friend's cupcake shop.  They provided us with a ceramic cupcake-shaped cookie jar, and we topped it with a rich frosting of floral beauty.  White hydrangea, pink-tipped dahlias, and some yellow button mums as sprinkles.  Tasty!

See you soon down at the shop!