Friday, June 22, 2012

June Update

Wow, the time has been flying by!  Its already Summer and we've left you high and dry without a blog update for two months!  Here's a taste of what we've been up to lately, a hint of what you'll see when you stop in to see us.  Above is a mock-up of a wedding bouquet Frank made for a client's upcoming August ceremony.  Beautiful blue cornflowers contrast with bright yellow craspedia (the round things), and beautiful lavender dahlias.  Just a bit of Queen Anne's lace and a few of our locally grown Len Busch roses (in white and the bi-color pink/orange variety aptly named Miss Piggy) thrown in and you're ready to toss!  (Or save in a nice vase with water.  Your call.)

A few arrangements that are currently adorning our cooler, ready to be picked up!  Above, that great yellow craspedia is glowing on a bed of blue Dutch hydrangea, ruddy maroon alstroemeria, a few Miss Piggies and that awesome deep magenta astilbe.  The cute cube vase size is perfect for a dining room table.  On the buffet table, below, are some stunning Asiatic lilies in beautiful orange and pink shades, yellow daisies, pretty pink larkspur in the center, a few Len Busch lavender roses all accented with bright yellow solidago and that luxuriously long-leafed eucalyptus.

Come get one or more of these adorable 4" orchid plants before they're gone.  I'm particularly fond of the one pictured on the right with the variegated leaves.  You won't mind keeping that around in anticipation of the next flower spike to come up!  Don't forget we love to give green thumb guidance, just ask us!

This really cool plant is actually a variety of the more commonly seen kalanchoe, called "desert surprise."  A very unique leaf pattern and flower structure reminds me of southwestern succulent varieties.

A shot of the planter in front of the shop; succulent garden in bloom!

We hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far!  See you soon!