Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Update - Part 3

This week we're going to post a bit of what's in the store as well as some of the arrangements we've been making, but first there are a few announcements to make.  Next Wednesday the 25th is Administrative Professionals Day, and we will be delivering thank-you gifts of all kinds to the Admin Pros at your workplace who deserve that special recognition for the hard work they do.  Don't forget to give us a call; some fresh flowers and plants can really brighten up your office, and everyone's day!

We're very excited to announce that the 29th Annual Art In Bloom at Minneapolis Institute of the Arts is coming up next weekend, April 26-29th.  Each year local floral designers, amateur and professional, are invited to create work inspired by works in the museum collection.  Over the weekend, the museum becomes a veritable garden of delight where art and nature come together in a celebration of Spring.  We are partnering as we have in years past with Gabbert's Design Studio in one of the many commercial floral displays that are part of the event.  You'll find us in the entrance to the Target Gallery on the second floor.  Frank just told me he had a vision of what he wants to do, so we can't wait to show you what we have in store.  We'll be posting more about this next week, and a wrap-up following the event.  If you haven't been to the museum or this event before, you are absolutely required to visit!

Now for the pictures!  At the top of this post was a detail of this arrangement we did for a funeral last week.  We specialize in creative and non-traditional arrangements for all occasions, and are happy to work with you to get the style you like.

We do a lot of work for events, making centerpieces, buffet, and table arrangements that give and elegant and stylish pop to special occasions and gatherings.  One of our frequent event clients had a showcase last week and asked Frank to put together a few examples of what we do.  This table arrangement is making a bold statement with orange roses and tulips and those tall flowers in the center, called eremurus, provide maximum height and interest.

This matching arrangement, with orange roses and gerbera daisies, hydrangea, and beautiful dark blue delphinium, works as an accent for a buffet, or prominently displayed at the entrance, inviting your guests inside.  The showcase event this was made for last week was held outside on a windy day, and you wouldn't believe that this was blown over once or twice in a strong gust, and it still looks great!  What is not captured very well in this photo are the battery-operated LED accent lights adorning the outside of the vase, and even in the water (!) that can add a great glow to those evening events.  Come in and see them in person, and we'll show you all the cool ways we can use them!

This centerpiece, in complimentary orange, sits low at table, so your guests can still talk to each other across the table.  Whether you need 2 or 29 (or more), we can hand-craft them for your next event.

A customer brought in her own ceramic bowls to use for a few centerpieces last week, and we are always happy to use whatever vase or container you'd like, so bring 'em in!  This photo didn't look quite so blurry on my phone, but you can sort of see those great big green spider 'mums paired with orange tulips, pink spray roses, and that dark purple statice makes for a colorful and cute look for the table.

We got some great unique green plants in the store last week, and this muehlenbeckia hanging on the far left was just begging for a Euro basket treatment.  Remember, this is just an example of what we have in-store, and what we can make, so come and see us and get your little slice of spring today!

See you soon!

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