Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Update - Part 1

We're gearing up for Spring in a big way this week at Best Wishes.  If you need something to get you in the mood for the warm weather to come, stop in and we'll help you find just what you're looking for.

These garden baskets have been really fun to make, with our beautiful blooming hydrangea plants paired with a selection of other lovely blooming and green plants like spathiphyllum, purple passion and fittonia, they're sure to bring a fresh look to your home or office.  Some of them got the Easter treatment as well;  robin's eggs, Easter grass and colorful twigs give a very festive touch.

Our watch-them-grow bulb gardens are really the nicest around, in larger pots with an experienced design touch, you won't find them like this at the supermarket!  Great gifts or something to treat yourself with, you really can't go wrong.  Stop in and see the full selection!

The beautiful locally-grown pink tulips in this Easter centerpiece bring together a colorful spring look for the dinner table, just a sample of the awesome work we do!

Our terrariums are a unique and fun way to add a little bit of nature to your environment, and provide a miniature world to gaze into for hours.  If you're not sure of how to care for these or any plants, let us help.  We love to share our horticultural know-how!

Jade plants and Somona aka Crown of Thorns give an arid feel to this succulent terrarium.  Earthy!

This Crown of Thorns is sharing a bowl with fittonia, fittonia, and more fittonia!  Get out the shrink ray because I'm moving in to this miniature paradise!

We'll be posting more pictures here soon, like this amazing phalaenopsis orchid plant, so stay tuned.  Better yet stop in and see for yourself what we're up to!

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