Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Preview

It's February which means we're getting ready here at Best Wishes Floral for Valentine's Day!  If you're looking for something to let your wife, husband, partner, friends, and the special people in your life know you are thinking of them with love.  Whether you're looking to make a romantic gesture or just hoping to brighten their day, we've got what you need to make it happen.  Here's a peek at some of the arrows in Cupid's quiver.

Our locally grown Len Busch Roses continue to be utmost in lasting, fragrant, beautiful roses you'll find anywhere in the Midwest.  Here are a dozen long-stemmed red LBR's arranged in our traditional style with leather leaf fern, seeded eucalyptus and delicate white and purple limonium as an accent flower.  Guarding this symbol of romance and passion is one of our cute mini teddy bears, made by Ganz, which are just about the softest little guys on earth!  Available in 4 different sizes and a variety of colors.

Here's a close-up view of the limonium we like to use to accent our roses and other arrangements.

Another dozen roses, seen here in a red vase.  Remember we will gladly help you reuse and recycle your vase collection from home, just bring them in and we'll fill them for you.

Another dozen Len Busch Roses, this vibrant pink color is named Orlando, which is appropriately evocative of the tropical climes we are all longing for this time of year.

Here's a cute arrangement that would be appropriate for a host of Valentines.  Two red Len Busch Roses in a cube vase with seeded eucalyptus, green hydrangea, pink waxflower, and a little heart tucked in.  Adding the Hammond's Candy Cane Crunch dark chocolate bar makes just one more sense this gift will stimulate.  We have the Hammond's bars in 5 delicious flavors, and carry the gourmet boxes in 4, 9, and 16 pieces.  Sometimes the surest way to someone's heart is through their taste buds!

Here's an order that went out today and is a perfect example of a bright, cheery mix of fresh cut flowers that we specialize in putting together here at Best Wishes.  The yellow and red Len Busch Roses are the rich center to the arrangement that includes yellow alstroemeria, hot pink spray roses, lavender stock, magnenta dianthus, bupleurum, and limonium.

Birds of paradise and purple cymbidium orchids provide a beautiful tropical style in this arrangement.  

We have a selection of orchid plants in stock right now, as well, and they are a great gift anytime of year.  The white phalenopsis is blooming beautifully, and the miniature plants are about the cutest things.  We are happy to share our expertise in caring for all of our live plants and fresh cut flowers anytime!

Details of those orchid blooms.

This red kalanchoe plant is beautifully vibrant and would be perfect to liven up anyone's office, desk, or home and remind them that Spring is on its way.

Our bulb gardens are just getting started, maximizing the time you'll enjoy them this spring.  The larger ones include iris, daffodil, tulips and hyacinth, and the small sized ones will bloom with iris and daffodils.  They're quite easy to take care of, just keep them moist and let them have a bit of sun.  Keeping them in cooler temperatures will extend the blooming time as well.

Here's a fun dish garden that will add a pop of spring freshness to any space (provided its above freezing).  A spathiphyllum paired with a few other green plants and some silk blooms so that there will always be some color to gaze at.

A bit larger version of the dish garden above, with some purple passion included.

This large silk flower arrangement is not only impossible to kill and will last forever, those yellow forsythia stems actually light up!  Add a natural glow to your living room or bedroom you can enjoy year-round.  Suggested card message: "You light up my life."

Our super soft plush animals are lining the shelves, ready to add a cuddle to your gift.

Whatever the occasion that will be candle-lit on Valentines (a bath, a movie on the couch) these crystal-encrusted votive-holders will make it 100% more elegant.

We will be here and ready to help you for extended hours next week, Monday - Thursday, 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. so be sure to give us a call make your Valentine's Day special!

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